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The ‘iron’ sculptures in this show are another kind of creative exploration, a sort of sketching in steel that Carl finds increasingly drawn to as the cost of casting his sculpture in bronze continues to escalate. Perhaps this also reflects a desire to utilise his creativity and skills more effectively, bringing many ideas into reality within a relatively short time. These include wall, table, indoor and outdoor sculpture, some from core-ten and others finished in two-pack polychrome to withstand the extremes of our New England climate.

These new constructed iron and clay sculptures are also proving an exciting new direction that is leading this well-known artist to explore his sculptural interests in a larger, more architectural format, using contemporary and developing technologies such as computer-driven laser cutting to express his creative vision.

Gallery 126 features static displays of jewellery, sculpture, prints and various artworks from our stable of artists. In addition to this, the designated gallery space houses exhibitions, featuring the diverse works and styles of the large regional artist community, changing every 4 - 6 weeks. Information about current and upcoming exhibitions, including openings information, appear below.

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